dropcapFrash Security Servicesis an authorized distributor of 3M (USA) & CAMP Safety Italy, world’s renowned safety, security & protection equipment manufacturers. The equipment is warranted and tested to the best of quality and is being used by entire world for the last 100 years. Frash Security Services run by a team of Safety professionals, who have dedicated themselves in provision of valuable safety / security information’s, assistance in slection of right kind of suitable equipment. The company is enlisted with security Exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP), also registered under company ordinance act, Sales/Income tax departments. 3M USA founded in 1902, rated 500 fortune company winning the safety product innovation award globally, has set the standards for other to follow. The 3M innovative Research, Development offers following safety protective equipments in Pakistan.

  • Maintenance Free, Reusable Mask / Respirators for Dust, Smoke, Bird Flu, Fume, Metal, Organic, Inorganic, Gases, Ammonia, Radiological, Chemicals including filters, cartridges, canister.
  • Wide range of Eye Protection Equipments including, spectacles, visors, safety goggles, protective shields etc
  • Ear Protection Equipment Including wide range of Ear Plugs, Ear Bands, Ear Muffs.
  • Blast Protection Films, Reflective Materia Safety Vests/ Anti Skid tapes etc.
  • Safety Signs (Industrial / Highway), Road Safety/Vehicle search Mirrors.
  • Protective Coveralls, Safety Gloves, Road Safety Equipments etc

CAMP Safety Italy, founded in 1889, is recognized surely the best and trusted manufacturer of PPEs equipment world over. The CAMP for the last 120 years is manufacturing work, DisasterRescue, Mountaineering special operational equipment to the best of worlds quality standards. Following work, Rescue Safety equipment is being used around the world in almost every renowned public private industrial unit, and from Alps to Himalays.

  • A wide range of EN approved full body harnesses and work positioning systems with optical accessories and Safety belts.
  • A wide range of EN approved, CE marked lanyards, Energy absorber, anchor devices, Slings, safety hooks and fall arrest Systems.
  • A large variety of work connectors, karabiners and mountaineering Gear, Equipments.
  • A wide range of approved Ascender/ Descender Devices, Guided Retractable fall arrester, anchor devices Rescue lifting devices, Rope clamps pullies.
  • State of the art EN approved Helmets for industrials, Mountaineering, Training/ operational Safety.
  • Varying sizes and thickness of kermantel, static dynamic Ropes for Mountaineering hights.

A dedicated team of professionals commited in provision of right kind of equipment / products at most economical rates with uninterrupted backup services.